Why Ronaldo Is Leaving Man United

Manchester United (nearly Real Madrid) winger Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about why he is moving to Madrid, and he has also said that he knew he was leaving Old Trafford a year ago.

Ronaldo spoke to the News Of The World: "After we won the European Cup [Champions League], I began to think that there was nothing left for me to achieve in Manchester."

"I realised that when you achieve everything, it is time to seek a new challenge. I stayed another year and enjoyed it, but my dream was to play for Real Madrid."

Many people have said that Ronaldo is moving because of the money, he is expected to be paid £500,000 a week.

"Of course I did not move for money."

"What I want is to be the greatest player in the world. I know I need to work a lot, but that is my goal."

"And it is clear that if you become the best player of Real Madrid, you will become one of the best in history."

I am sorry Cristiano, things are different now. May'be years ago if you went to Real Madrid then you would go down as one of the best in history but if he stayed at Man United, there was just as much chance of that happening aswell.

I am glad he is gone, not because I am bitter or anything like that. Over the past year you could tell that Ronaldo wanted to leave and we don't want players who don't want to be at the club.

He has been fantastic for us and now it is time for a new challenge for him and a new challenge for Man United.

We aren't a one man club, we will miss him but I am sure that we will fighting for trophies again next season.

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