Does Dimitar Berbatov Have A Future At Old Trafford?

Football - Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United Barclays Premier League
Since joining Man United in September 2008 Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov hasn’t made the impression that many were hoping.

When he first joined we all knew his style of play, he won’t run around after the ball a lot, he does look like a lazy player but he has a lot of technical ability, fantastic vision and some of his first touches are stunning.

The problem he has is that he just doesn’t fit into Man United’s style of play. United are at their best when they are attacking teams at pace but Berbatov slows that down.

On the other hand there are times when he can be incredibly frustrating to watch but seconds later, he can change the game with one moment of brilliance. He does have some good games but for the price paid for him, he doesn’t have them often enough.

United paid £30.5 million for him, which is a lot of money. Berbatov has been a disappointment for the amount paid for him, that’s what it part of it comes down to. The price tag isn’t his fault; the fee agreed for him was decided between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Berbatov was given many chances ahead of Carlos Tevez last season; even when Tevez was playing better but we haven’t seen the same amount of faith this season from Sir Alex Ferguson.

As a result, Berbatov is now being linked more and more with a move away from Old Trafford. Today it’s being reported that AC Milan are lining up a bid for him. If United do sell him, they won’t get anywhere near the price of £30.5 million paid for him.

The pace in Italy’s Serie A is a lot slower than the English Premier League so it may suit style more. They also claim that it is a lot more technical than the Premier League, which would also suit Berbatov better.

Right now he is lacking confidence and during some of the matches he has become very frustrated. He knows he’s not doing well and not performing how he should do.

 I don’t know how many more chances he’s going to get, I would love for Berbatov to prove me wrong and hit some form. I would love for him to show people that he is a fantastic player.

How many more chances will Sir Alex give him though?

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  1. would you like to link exchange??? please

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    oh how i WISH it is GOODBYE , we can get a better striker

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