Gaffer tells Ronny To Leave

Portugal boss Phil Scolari has told Ronaldo to leave United. Over the past few weeks Ronaldo has been constantly linked with a move to Spain even though he still has a contract with United.
Here is what Scolari said:
"I have told him that in football you cannot live on memories,"
"You have to take the opportunities when they come along because perhaps they will not come again.
"He is quite calm about his future. He is working very hard like just another member of the squad."

Now, what exactly has this got to do with Scolari and the Portugese squad?
Sir Alex Ferguson and Carlos Queiroz can't be happy about this, hopefully someone has phoned him up and given him a piece of their mind.
Scolari is the manager of Portugal, not the manager of Manchester United so why is he saying this stuff to Ronaldo.
United fans, i would love to know what you think about this.

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