C.Ronaldo has decided

Here is what the latest rumour is:

A source close to C.Ronaldo revealed hes family and he had discussions goes on... , it states, ronaldo's agent has already spoken to real and they haven been in discussion of 'personal terms and image rights' behind the doors that is why he is taking a few days to think about it; because hes agent is informing him while he is training with portugual for euro2008, infact after the champions league hes agent was going to to talk to real hence why ronaldo said he will decide his future in 2-3 weeks that was the proposed plan but at the time nothing was concrete hence why he said hes happy at united in case the deal with real would not be plausauble next season.

1.If he was keen on staying at old trafford he would of commited himself and not said (I will decide my future in 2-3 days) it doesnt make sense [ITS BECAUSE: He's Agent is working behind the scenes]
2. Discussions are already going on behind SAF with ronaldos agent and a representivie of real madrid.While C.ronaldo is training with portugual for euro 2008, Hes agent is keeping him informed [Hence the Decide in 2-3 days Statement he made]. If he states he wants to go, we all know he will 'regardless of the contract he has with us', real have it all sorted out.
3. The deal will also involve 'Robinho' coming to united that is also almost a certainty if the deal is to happen. Well time is almost up, he's gonna decide by the end of the week the latests, and guys it all makes sence, I have a bad feeling about this.


It is sounding more and more likely that Ronaldo is going to leave which means that i will have to buy a new shirt.

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