Please Don't Go Ronaldo

Sports News - February 09, 2009

Ryan Giggs has pleaded with Cristiano Ronaldo not to leave Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo over the past few years has been constantly been linked with a move to Real Madrid but the longer it goes on the more it looks like he is going to stay.

I think that finally Ronaldo has realised that he is at the right club for him. He is being paid a lot of money and would probably be paid more at Madrid but he is more likely to win trophies at Old Trafford.

“He is at the best club.
“Cristiano has proved he is the best player in the world over the last couple of years and he has done that at United, so why leave?”
Ryan Giggs told The Sun
“He’s still a young player, still learning the game and can still improve. He can do that at United.”
“Real Madrid will come back purely because of the club they are and the history they have got.
“But United are more stable in the fact there are no presidential elections and the manager’s been here so long.”

Ryan Giggs talks alot of sense doesn't he?

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