Carlos Alberto Slams Manchester United

Brazil legend Carlos Alberto has slammed Manchester United for poaching Brazil's young players. Alberto won the 1970 World Cup and he says Man United are 'raping' Brazilian football.

Man United have recently secured 17 year old Dodo's signature and we do have other Brazilian youngsters, for example- Anderson, Rafael, Fabio and Possebon.

It is disgraceful United are allowed to rape Brazilian football," the former Brazil captain told the News of the World.
"The big teams have the money and can take our best players. It is a big problem in Brazil. The clubs cannot keep hold of them if they are good young players because they can make much more money in other countries."

"FIFA must do something. They have an obligation to save football. If we could have conditions where we could keep these players in Brazil it would be much better for us"
"Three or four years ago clubs had to pay teams if they wanted players but now many players are owned by agents - and clubs can't afford to keep them"
"They should change the law so at least until the age of 20 or 21 the best players are playing in Brazil and get some experience before moving to Europe."

I can half understand what he is saying. Big teams should play the clubs for the players but what Man United (and other teams it isn't all Man United) is giving the youngsters a chance of a better life and their dream career.

Football is a business and if you want to be the best and earn money then you need the best players. I wouldn't be complaining if it was Brazil taking all of the English talent.

These players who are coming to England have their own mind and sometimes they need and want to provide a better life for them and their family. There is lots of money in the Premier League and Man United can do that. Doesn't mean it is right but that is the way it is.

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