Real Madrid To Make Contact

Real Madrid are ready to contact Man United over the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is thought that the Spanish club will offer Man United a record breaking £75m for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has constantly been linked with a move to Real Madrid ever since the 2006 World Cup, at that point it looked almost impossible for Ronaldo to stay. He did stay and Ronaldo has become the World's Best Player under Sir Alex Ferguson's guidance.

Nobody really knows what is going on, one minute Ronaldo will say that he is happy in Manchester, he is at the right club and he wants to stay. The next minute when asked about his future at Man United, he says "I don't know".

Man United have been consistent throughout this circus, saying that Ronaldo is NOT for sale. Real Madrid have also been consistent, they will do anything to get the player.

Real's newly elected presidentFlorentino Perez has just made one of the biggest, if not the biggest signings in the past few years- Kaka. Next up on his shopping list is Ronaldo.

"Ronaldo is a great player who we would like to bring to the club but first we have to speak to Manchester United because the important thing is for us to maintain a good rapport with everyone," said PĂ©rez. "Kaka is the first signing. We are always thinking about great players. Cristiano Ronaldo among the other great players around the world. I will do everything possible to get Ronaldo to Real Madrid."

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