Man United Gaffer Rejected Arsenal

Last night Jim Leighton spoke to Radio Five and he revealed that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson rejected a chance to become Arsenal manager. This happened only weeks before Fergie became the Manchester United boss.

Man United Devils reader Kieran listened to this last night and he has sent in a transcript of what Leighton said:
“We were in Santa Fe before we actually went into Mexico and Sir Alex was offered the Arsenal job, and George Graham would have been his assistant,”
“But he wanted to wait until the World Cup was finished before it was announced, but Arsenal wanted to announce it straight away. So Sir Alex turned down the offer and George Graham got the job. Who knows want could have happened to Manchester United or Arsenal if that had been the case"

"He wanted to announce it when he came back to Aberdeen, he wanted to do things the right way, so credit to him”

Fergie has never looked back, he has won trophy after trophy at Old Trafford and by the look of it, he could still be managing Man United for years to come.

Thanks Kieran!

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