Reina: Liverpool Were The Best Team At The Finish

Premier League: Manchester United Champions 2009
Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina believes that Liverpool were the best team at the end of the season. We never really saw the real Manchester United last season when you compare the team to the previous two seasons, but what really matters is the final League table.

Reina said: "In the last month, month and a half we've probably been the best side in the country,"
"But it's not enough - you have to be the best for 10 months.
"We are happy because we're getting closer and closer to the top but unhappy because we haven't won the title so far. A team like Liverpool has to fight for and win the title [every team has to fight and win the title].
"It is frustrating that we've drawn so many games, mainly at Anfield. That's been the difference to be honest this season. We have a better goal difference and have lost fewer games than United.
"Also against the top four we have been superb this season. We have got 14 points out of 18, so it's been a great season for us in terms of competing."
"The fans should be confident for next season because I think we've improved in many, many areas"

At the end of the day, Manchester United finished with 90 points and Liverpool finished the season with 86 points. We won, they came second.

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