Tevez Rules Out A Move To Anfield

SOCCER: MAY 16 Barclays Premier League - Manchester United v Arsenal
We still aren't sure where Carlos Tevez will be playing next season, but one thing that we are sure of this morning is that it won't be at Anfield.

Last night Tevez decided that there were two many emotional issues between Man United and Liverpool. Apparently Tevez has ruled out the more to Anfield because it will strengthen the Liverpool squad who he believes will be Man United's biggest challengers next season.

Manchester City are the new favourites to sign him but there is just as much emotional ties between Man United and Liverpool as there is between Man United and Man City. I think the way he see's it, is that Man City won't threaten Man United for the title next season so it wouldn't be as bad.

The Sun are claiming that Tevez is prepared to stay at Old Trafford only if United make him United's highest paid player. If they don't, he will leave.
Over the two loan season's Tevez was being paid £95,000 a week, he wants to be level with Dimitar Berbatov and Rio Ferdinand who are both being paid £110,000 a week.

When I first heard this story in The Sun (I hadn't heard the wages), I was first angry. I knew Tevez would have been paid a lot but wanting to be the highest paid player is ridiculous.
Then I heard how much Berbatov is being paid, with the work Tevez put in for the team and everything Tevez did for Man United last season, of course he deserves to be at least the same as Berbatov.

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