Wayne Rooney Injures Himself On Holiday

Wayne Rooney and wife, Coleen, on holiday in France
Wayne Rooney need 45 stitches to save his ear after larking around with his mates. Rooney has been abroad on his £150,000-a-week chartered yacht but after returning from a drinking session he had an accident and had to be rushed to hospital.

Rooney apparently fell to the ground in agony with blood spurting from his left ear, he was then rushed to the shores by crew men to receive treatment.

A source at the hospital said: "Mr Rooney arrived at about 9am after an accident on the deck of a yacht.
"Part of his ear had been nearly sliced off. It was really difficult to sew back up because it was bleeding so profusely, so we called in a specialist cosmetic surgeon. The work was delicate, but the operation was completely successful and the ear is expected to look no different once it has healed."

Wayne Rooney's spokesman has released a statement: "Wayne has had a number of stitches in his ear following an accident on board the boat. The procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic."

Sir Alex Ferguson apparently was told of the situation. I am sure he was pretty relieved that it was only his ear that was injured.

Get well soon Wayne!!

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  1. Shuggo says:

    lol it was a bit of a stupid thing to do but we all have accidents.

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