Barcelona After Rooney?

There have been reports in today’s papers and online football sites that suggest that Barcelona are lining up an £85 million bid for United striker Wayne Rooney. The tabloids believe that the Spanish club will wait until January to make the bid but he is one of their top targets.

This week Rooney has hinted that he wants to finish off his career at Man United, and that wasn’t the first time he has hinted that.

Could Rooney really be on his way to the Nou Camp?

Not a chance!
Man United may be in a lot of debt but we don’t have to sell our top players. We sold Cristiano Ronaldo during the summer because he wanted to leave; it is a different story with Rooney.

This story first came from the News Of The World, which can mean anything but I am not slightly worried. Barcelona can bid for Rooney all they like, if United want to keep him and Rooney wants to stay then there is nothing Barca can do.

I don’t know the state of Barcelona’s finances, can they really afford to spend £85 million on one player?

Rooney is loyal to United and I think that is the way it is going to stay. As far as I am concerned it is just another rubbish transfer rumour.

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