Two-Horse Title Race

Premier League: Manchester United Champions 2009

Man United may currently be sitting third in the Premier League, below Chelsea and Arsenal but Sir Alex Ferguson believes it will be a two-horse race. The Man United manager believes that one of the ‘top four’ could drop out of the Champions League spots and that the race for the title will be between two teams.

Liverpool have got off to an awful start, Man United haven’t got off to the best of starts but they never do. Chelsea are flying high and Arsenal have been pretty consistent.

"I had a feeling about there being a change last season. The top teams are losing games and more points than ever through the early part of the season," Sir Alex is quoted by the Press Association as saying.

"That gives rise to the hope that it could be a very competitive league.

"But my experience tells me that two teams break away towards the last part of the season."

Sir Alex was asked who he thinks could finish in the fourth Champions League spot:
"I could toss a coin and that could be my best chance of deciding who could break into the top four out of Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City with all the money they have.

"That's a difficult competition in itself and any one of them is capable of doing that."

Sir Alex didn’t say which two teams he believes will break away but I think it is fair to assume that he thinks one of them will be United. If I were to guess who the other team was, I think it would be Chelsea.

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