Arsenal vs Man United To Be Shown In 3D

Stoke City vs Arsenal FC

This week is a massive week for Man United, first we played Man City in the Carling Cup, which we won and on Sunday there is a Premier League game against Arsenal.

Ahead of the game Sky have announced that they will be (for the first team) screening a football match live in 3D, the chosen match is the big one this weekend between Man United and Arsenal. Nine pubs in Manchester, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh will be showing the game in 3D.

If it goes well this weekend, Sky are hoping to have 3D football matches broadcast by April.

Sky Sports director of operations Darren Long said:

“When we moved from black and white to colour it was one of those amazing things that people would go and rush to see.”

“Now, what we’re doing with 3D is we’re bringing that depth that you’ve never had traditionally and it’s really a case of seeing is believing.”

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  1. Laia says:

    Anyone know which London pub(s) 3d match?

  2. I don't know but I am looking into it. I will let you know if I find out.

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