Lee Sharpe On The Glazers, Hughes, Tevez And Tonights Game

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Former Man United player Lee Sharpe has said that what the Glazers have done to Manchester United is a disgrace. Ahead of the massive Carling Cup clash tonight, Sharpe has spoken about the Glazers, Mark Hughes, Carlos Tevez and the all-important game.

Sharpe said: “It’s disgraceful and a huge shame what is going on with the debt.

"The hard work carried out by Sir Alex Ferguson and everyone at the club over the last 20 years is at threat."

“United have been winning titles galore, building the club up in to a force. The Glazer’s have undermined all this hard work and stole its thunder.

“Who made the decision to sell to the Glazers? It’s wrong that the club has been put in to so much debt and then you hear stories of them taking money out of the club as well.”

“At the end of the day, good players cost a lot of money. When even Manchester United can’t afford to buy players, you know that something is seriously wrong.

“I’m sure that the manager and the fans will put a stop to it. From the outside looking in it seems that everything is being taken from underneath them.”

Sharpe’s former team-mate at Manchester United was Mark Hughes, who was recently sacked by Manchester City.

Sharpe went on to say: "‘Sparky’ [Mark Hughes] was doing a really good job. Manchester City were in the top four or five and were just a few points away.
“I thought it was a really, really harsh to sack Hughes. Mancini is a great manager, but he won’t do any better or worse than ‘Sparky.’”

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Tevez has spoken about him and the Manchester City team wanting revenge for the 4-3 loss at Old Trafford earlier on in the season. Tevez will be playing for his new club against his old club tonight after a very controversial move.

Sharpe added: “Carlos Tevez is an important player in any team; he works harder than any footballer and loves to play the game. You can bet he’ll be breaking his neck to play tonight and score a goal."

“United are such a hard team to play against though. I got beat 4-0 when I was at Leeds and Bradford, and even with a weakened team they are still so hard to beat.

“I’m going for a draw tonight and then a United win at Old Trafford. Although, I don’t know if that’s my heart ruling my head.”

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