Tevez: Neville Is A Boot-licker

Carling Cup: Manchester City 2 v 1 Manchester United
It is amazing how quickly your feelings for a footballer can change. Last season Man United’s fans loved Carlos Tevez and would have done anything to keep him at the club. This season he is hated, not just because he joined bitter rivals Manchester City but because is acting like a prat.

After leaving United he made a few comments about Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson (who is worshipped by Man United fans) so obviously he was badly booed at Old Trafford. Being booed upset him and ever since then he has tried his best to wind the fans, players and manager up.

Ahead of the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final, Man United captain Gary Neville said that Tevez wasn’t worth £25 million. That made Tevez unhappy, now I am sorry but seriously Tevez, no footballer is worth that amount of money. Haiti is a perfect example, they need money over there and over here we have footballers who aren’t happy when someone says they aren’t worth £25 million. It is a stupid amount of money to spend on a person and I don’t care who it is.

Tevez scored twice against Man United in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final and one of his celebrations was aimed at Neville. Tevez basically told Neville to keep his mouth shut. Neville’s reply was to show him the middle finger.

Since then, Tevez has done a few interviews, in the latest with ESPN radio, Tevez has called Neville a ‘boot-licker’.

Tevez said "In all the press here, Gary Neville came out and stood by Ferguson's comments, saying that I wasn't worth £25million.

"I thought he was in the wrong because we were team-mates and I never disrespected him, I always respected him.

"I feel he was a boot-licker when he stood by Ferguson's comments that I wasn't worth that money.

"From a former team-mate it hurts, from a coach it doesn't surprise me."

Maybe he wasn’t being a boot-licker, maybe he just agreed with Sir Alex. This probably won’t bother Neville in the slightest but I wouldn’t want to be Tevez next Wednesday at Old Trafford.

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