Wayne Rooney To Real Madrid?

Sports - February 23, 2008

According to the Daily Star, Real Madrid are set to turn their attentions to signing Man United striker Wayne Rooney. They believe that Rooney is their number one target and will do anything to get him next summer.

Real Madrid believe that they can get anyone they want and they are prepared to use the same methods as they did with Cristiano Ronaldo on Wayne Rooney. The Daily Star also believe that Real will offer Man United £60-million for him. £20-million less that Ronaldo and in my opinion- not enough.

It is believed that Man United are set to open contract talks with Rooney and will offer him £170,000-a-week. Rooney has also said recently that he would love to finish his career off at Old Trafford, if United want him.

A Real Madrid “source” apparently revealed this week: “Rooney is the top name on the list for next summer. Madrid will pursue him in the same way they did with David Beckham and Ronaldo. They are always successful and will do what it takes to get Rooney.’’

Real president Florentino Perez is desperate to sign Rooney and is prepared to use his friendship with Ronaldo to sign the player.

Ronaldo has recently said: “I am convinced that Rooney will be a spectacle and a sensation in Real Madrid. I know perfectly this player and he would be a fantastic triumph in La Liga.”

In my honest opinion, Real Madrid can bid what they want, they can do what they want but Rooney and Ronaldo are different players. I can’t see Rooney going anywhere; we all knew that Ronaldo was going to leave but not Rooney.

Rooney wants to be at Man United and I think he will be for a long time. Ronaldo supported Real Madrid and so does his mum so when they wanted him, of course he was going to leave. If Real Madrid really believe that they can sign any player they want then they are more arrogant than I thought.

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  1. Tim says:

    Your right, he will go nowhere. They cant have everyone they want, rooney is too good for them

  2. Wayne Greiner says:

    At United Ronaldo achieved so much and lets face it he was treated as NO1 at United,Rooney has now filled those boots and he has the opportunity to improve and not just become another Galactico of many like Ronaldo is at Real.Ronaldo will be back sooner than you think.

  3. Do you really think that Ronaldo will be back soon? I'm not sure, don't get me wrong, I don't think Real Madrid are going to be that successful.

  4. Wayne Greiner says:

    You said it, I dont think Real Madrid are going to be that successful! which in my opinion will only make Ronaldo Home Sick!.

  5. I can see him getting home sick, the problem then would be the money. Real aren't going to let him go on the cheap and would United buy him back for a lot of money?

  6. yahoo messenger says:

    na rooney isnt goin enywere with real madrid rooney is to good for them ovuisly ronaldo was going to go its closer to his hme country he dosent needto travil for ages anymore.

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