Evra: Sir Alex Is Like A Child

Football - Manchester United v Manchester City Carling Cup Semi Final Second Leg
Man United defender Patrice Evra has revealed that Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is like a ‘child’ when he is watching a football match. It’s all good though, Sir Alex hasn’t gone soft, when things are bad he will still use the ‘hairdryer treatment’.

"Sir Alex is a child," The Sun quote Evra as saying.

"We saw it against Manchester City. He's so passionate. He was jumping up and down like a child after that game.

"You could be forgiven for thinking he'd never won a game before!

"At 70 [sic], he doesn't see himself taking it easy at home reading a book or watching TV. Personally I think that would bore him.

"I don't think he will call an end to his career. As long as he's strong he will carry on.

"He will stay until his last breath."

"Manchester United is a factory workers' club. You have to respect that culture.

"It's a club where we work hard. They will not congratulate you after each win. Sir Alex frequently says 'Well done my son' and that says it all.

"For them it's normal when you play a good game.

"It's normal to win the championship. It's Manchester United.

"We don't have the right to make mistakes."

"I do what I have to on the pitch. I'm not like Ferguson's son. But as soon as I'm not good, Ferguson will give me the 'hairdryer'."

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