Neville Frozen Out?

Carling Cup: Manchester City 2 v 1 Manchester United
British tabloid The Sun are claiming that Man United captain Gary Neville has been frozen out because of his gesture towards Carlos Tevez.

During the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final’s former Man United striker Tevez gestured towards Neville. The day before an interview with Neville had been made public, when asked if Tevez was worth the amount City paid for, Neville had replied no. Tevez response was to gesture towards Neville telling him to keep his mouth shut, Neville responded by showing Tevez his middle finger.

This incident was repeated over and over again on a TV channel, Sir Alex Ferguson’s response was to ban the channel from his press conferences. The Sun claim that Sir Alex is so angry with Neville he is now being frozen out.

Neville was not in the squad for the game against Arsenal, even though he wasn’t injured.

I personally wouldn’t have been angry with Neville, he didn’t say anything bad about Tevez and was being provoked. I think many people would have reacted the same way.

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