One Out, One Staying, One to Milan, One to Madrid?

What transfers and transfer rumours have United been involved in today?

Gerard Pique to Barcelona
Gerard Pique is off to play in Spain, the 21 year old defender has decided to leave United probably due to lack of first team chances. Ferdinand and Vidic have been outstanding this season so Pique hasnt really had a look in. Pique is to sign a 4 year deal with Barcelona, he is also expected to have a 40 million pound buy out clause.

Evra to AC Milan?
Evra's contract runs out next summer and AC Milan are thought to be interested in taking him to the San Siro. Evra has also been magnificant for United this season so i would love United to offer him a new deal.

Ronaldo to Real Madrid?
This story just wont go away. This time there are details about what United would ask for IF Ronaldo told them he wanted to leave. United will apparently be asking for 50 million Euros, plus Robinho, Sergio Ramos and Mahamadou Diarra. Ronaldo has to Porto to meet his agent. According to the pro-Madrid sports daily Marca “In Portugal they reckon Ronaldo is going to Madrid. In fact, they believe the reason for the meeting was for Ronaldo to let his agent know just how unhappy he is with United’s posture during this affair.”

O'Shea Staying?
O'Shea hasnt had many first team opportunities this season but it looks like he is going to stay for atleast another season. O'Shea said: "That is crossing my mind a lot of the time, but then I think 'where do you go when you leave a team like that?'
"That's an even bigger question [on him leaving United]. For the time being, I will stay where I am. You just have to get on with it. The club has so many players - in the build-up to the [Champions League] final, every player was fit."
"I think our gaffer is up there on his own and he is hungry for more,"
"Credit to him for that because obviously he feels that this team can go on and write a new part in the club's famous history.
"There are stories coming out that he has three more years in charge - I would say he could be there longer than that."

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  1. Antimanu says:

    What about Kieren Lee to Oldham?

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi Antimanu,

    I had written a post on Kieran Lee but i forgot to publish it, it is probably a bit late to publish it now so here are the main points of the transfer:

    Kieran Lee joined United in 2004, he has been on loan for four months at QPR. He has left United on a free transfer and signed a two year contract with Oldham.

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