Second Consortium In For Man United?

Football - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United Barclays Premier League
We all know [if you don't, where have you been??] that there is a group of rich Man United fan named as the ‘Red Knights’ who are preparing a bid to buy the club. It is now believed that there is now a second bidder thought to be interested.
It is thought that the second consortium is putting together a bid worth £1.2bn.

Meanwhile, Man United Chief Executive David Gill has stressed yet again that the Glazers are at Old Trafford for the long term and are NOT looking to sell.

"There are protests," Gill said.

"Everyone has the right to protest and there was certainly a lot of green and gold there on Wednesday night [against AC Milan], you cannot deny that.

"But this partnership [a deal with Telekom Malaysia] demonstrates the strength of the club. It is a long-term partnership for five years.

"We will be around for the length of this five-year deal and many more in addition to that.

"We have a sound business model and Telekom Malaysia is partnering one of the best teams in world football. That will always be the case."
"The owners thought we were doing very well on the commercial front but that there were other opportunities out there”

"This is the insight they have brought in.

"It doesn't get much media coverage but the very fact they have come in and are able to do these deals benefits us. We can reinvest that money back into the team."
We’ll see, I’m not so sure they will stay. If the protests continues and the fans continue to boycott the club, including not buying season tickets, with not enough money coming in, surely they will have to sell up.

As for reinvesting the money back into the team, we will have to wait and see with this aswell. Will Sir Alex Ferguson spend during the summer transfer window and if he does how much?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    its true that david gill is saving his salary.when the red knights make a bid for united,david gill panicked and siding glazers side.

  2. Anonymous says:

    he IS protecting his salary not mufc...

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