Wayne Rooney Not Yet A Legend

Football - England striker Wayne Rooney welcomed the authentic, solid gold FIFA World Cup Trophy to London today as part of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca
Wayne Rooney has been Man United’s main man this season, he has broken the 30 goal barrier, with his target now being at least 40 goals this season. Despite many already labelling him World Player Of The Year, Rooney doesn’t believe he is at legend status yet.

“I have so much learning and improving to do over the next few years,” Rooney told the Sun.

“At the end of my career it would be nice to be spoken of as one of the greats. But right now I certainly don't see myself as that.

“It's only my sixth year at United [Man United], you need a few more before you can be saying that [being called a legend].

“Staying grounded is important and that's where family come in. I have a very strong and passionate one behind me and there's no way I'd be allowed to believe I'm something I'm not.

“To my family I am a husband, dad, son, cousin, uncle or whatever. I speak to them after games and they understand the frustrations at times, they've brought me up to be that way.”

In many United fans eyes he is already a legend but it is good to hear him say these words. If Rooney can stay grounded, win at least another trophy with United this season and have a successful World Cup with England then that is all that really matters.

If he does win accolades at the end of the season then that will be fantastic, he deserves it but what he needs to concentrate on now is winning stuff with United and continues this form over the next few seasons.

We don’t want to see him with the ego and arrogance that Cristiano Ronaldo had when he was at United. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it but the great thing about Rooney is that he is grounded and that is what I like to see.

When Ronaldo had an amazing few seasons for United, some were calling him a Man United legend, how many will call him that now? Rooney’s different, I can see him staying at United for the rest of his career but he needs to keep it up. There is no doubting he is a world class player.

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