Will Liverpool Really Go For The Win?

With just one point separating first and second place in the Premier League with two games remaining, the league title is up for grabs. Chelsea may have a slight advantage but with a game against Liverpool this weekend, it’s all to play for.

The talk ahead of the game is how likely is it that the scousers will help out fierce rivals Manchester United and beat Chelsea?

Back in 1995 United needed Liverpool to beat Blackburn Rovers on the last day of the season to stand any chance of winning the league. Liverpool went out and won the match, unfortunately United lost but they have helped us out once and may do it again. Although it is a different situation this time.

Both Liverpool and Man United are sat on 18 League titles each, will Liverpool help fierce rivals United get the record breaking 19th title?

Liverpool don’t really have too much to motivate them for this game, they have a slim chance of finishing fourth but that’s not likely. Why would they help Man United overtake them on Championship wins?

Liverpool vs Chelsea and Sunderland vs Manchester United aren’t played until Sunday. If Tottenham, Aston Villa or Manchester City win on Saturday, it would look incredibly unlikely that Liverpool will finish fourth. City and Spurs would also have a game in hand over the scousers.

The Merseyside club has been poor all season, with 18 defeats in all competitions. Chelsea on the other hand has only lost eight times this season in all competitions.

Liverpool also has an important Europa Cup match on Thursday before the game, whilst Chelsea has a full week to prepare. They lost 1-0 Atletico Madrid, with a place in the final to play for Rafa Benitez’ men will go all out for the win.

The odds aren’t stacked in United’s favour but you have to believe that they will be professional and will not roll over for Chelsea.

Wayne Rooney has confidence in them, he has been quoted as saying:

“There is no chance 11 Liverpool players will go out and consider United winning the title on what happens in that game. They will go out to win. They will want to be professional.”

Whatever happens, I believe this will be the weekend that decides whether the trophy goes to Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge. There is still the final weekend of the season but both teams should win those games. Wigan travel to the Bridge and Stoke travel to Old Trafford.

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