Anderson Survives Serious Car Crash

Anderson Manchester United 2009/10 Sascha Riether VFL Wolfsburg Manchester United V VFL Wolfsburg (2-1) 30/09/09 UEFA Champions League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International
A few rumours last night suggested that Man United midfielder Anderson had been pulled unconscious from a burning car. These reports have been confirmed and Anderson is lucky to be alive.

The 22-year old was driving his £125,000 car after leaving a nightclub in Portgual, smashing into a wall at around 7am. An unconscious Anderson was pulled from the car, just moments before it exploded.

The Audi R8 is a two-seater car but there were two other people in the car with him, his friend and an unknown woman. It’s thought that the woman came off worse but all three have been released from hospital.

Anderson had been recovering from a knee injury. A spokesman for Anderson said he'd suffered "an almighty scare" and that he should soon return to Manchester to continue his recovery.

According to a paper called Jornal de Noticias a hospital spokesman said: "The three were given medical discharge at the end of Saturday morning. They only had minor and superficial injuries. The young woman needed the most treatment, but only small things."

Good luck explaining that to Sir Alex Ferguson.

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  1. Tom says:

    Anderson would want to sort himself out. He was clearly out on the town and drink driving inquiries will surely have to be answered. His form was poor when he played last season and the pressure is now on to produce this season when he returns. Fergie will be on his case, thats for sure.

  2. sam.mariachi says:

    lets cut the dude some slack, granted, his form last season was wanting, but it was coz of the injury, but then again, we all get high, ok, but drunk driving, dude is sending the wrong message, so i agree, he needs some serious reprimanding, and who else to do that better than Fergie himself....we want results this season, whatever it takes

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