Evra Wary Of "The Wounded Animal"

This Sunday Manchester United have a very important Premier League game against Arsenal. Ahead of the game defender Patrice Evra has said that Man United “have to fear the wounded animal”.

Arsenal are nine points behind Man United with only four games to go. The Gunners have ruined their chances of winning the Premier League after picking up only two points in their last three games.

Evra said: "You have to fear the wounded animal”

"It is all or nothing for Arsenal so that is a danger. They will want to show they can still win the title.''

"We have a good record at Arsenal but statistics can change so quickly”'

"Everyone used to say how Arsenal kept losing to Chelsea and then they beat them. We kept losing at Stamford Bridge but won there in the Champions League. Our record at the Emirates will hurt them and they will want to do something about it.''

United have played Arsenal twice this season. The first was in the Premier League, at Old Trafford in December. Man United won the game 1-0 with a goal from Ji-Sung Park in the 41st minute. United and Arsenal played each other in the FA Cup at Old Trafford back in March. United won the game 2-0 with goals from Fabio Da Silva and Wayne Rooney.

Evra went on to talk about how important the next few games are. Man United are six points clear of Chelsea but with both Arsenal and Chelsea coming up in the next two league games, it is vital that United pick up all three points against Arsenal this weekend.

"Sunday is a massive game for us. It is a great opportunity," Evra added. "There is still a lot of pressure on us.

"If we lose and Chelsea have beaten Tottenham on Saturday, they will only be three points behind and they have to come to Manchester.

"That is what we have to think about now."

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  1. Baldrick says:

    Evra said: "You have to fear the wounded animal”
    I say: "Put a bullet between the eyes and put it out of its misery ;)

    Up the Spurs! (for a few days anyway)

  2. DavidTheAlien says:

    Not worried about Arsenal, its a big game regardless and will always be that way. Would love to win but if i had to settle for a draw then so be it only thing is we cant afford to lose this. Heres hoping Spurs do us a favor as they really need to beat Chelsea to aim for that Champs league spot.

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