Sir Alex Ferguson Criticises Premier League Plans

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has had his say on the Premier League's plan to cut down on abusive behaviour towards referees.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has announced that from the start of next season, the Premier League hopes to get clubs to crackdown on “unacceptable” behaviour by players and managers towards referees.

Sir Alex Ferguson is currently serving a five-game touchline ban for comments made about referee Martin Atkinson, but he insists that there is no issue.

Speaking at Friday's press conference, Sir Alex said: “Richard Scudamore hasn't got an awful lot to do, doesn't he? He's trying to elevate the Premier League - fine, that's good, that's his job.

“I don't think managers disrespect referees. I got fined for what I thought was a fair comment. He didn't, he gave me a five-match ban, that's fine.

“But there's a difference to say that we don't respect referees”

"They've got a difficult job, we all know that. You wouldn't referee a game, would you? Neither would I. And we do need them.

“But I think Richard is diving off a high board here without thinking about it.”

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