Kaka's not in London, he is in Manchester

There has been a lot of speculation about Kaka moving to Chelsea, AC Milan have said that Kaka is not going anywhere but reports are saying that Kaka will be in Manchester for the next few days.
Dunga, the Brazilian coach, has excluded Kaka from the Brazilian squad for upcoming World Cup qualifying games against Paraguay and Argentina because of injury, reports are suggesting today that the real reason he is not in the squad is so that he can sort out a move to Manchester United.
These reports are coming from inside sources which I personally dont believe especially when it comes to massive players like Ronaldo and Kaka, we all know how much rubbish has come out from so called reporters about Ronaldo.

This story has also been linked with the Ronaldo saga and I personally think that it is a bit far fetched but here is the story:
A source close to Old Trafford says that Ronaldo has been instructed to create this transfer speculation as Sir Alex Ferguson wants to use it as a smokescreen in his attempts to sign Kaka. "Basically Ronnie has been told to create the Madrid stories and feed the media because it will divert the attention away from our projected move. Sir Alex knows it's difficult for United fans but is confident signing Kaka will be more than make up for it.", the insider revealed.

I think it is a load of rubbish, what do you think?
I would like to be proved wrong though.

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  1. I really do not see Kaka joining Manutd it would not happen at least not for now ... he will not leave Ac even though they are not in the champions league as he sees himself as a part of the future of the team...All football lovers and united fans are invited to Join soccerfanbase.com for the best of football forum discussion and news update

    Shuggo thanks for adding my link to your site , I did not notice it until about 1 hour ago.. I did reproduce this article on my site and will be adding your link to my site shortly..thanks once again

  2. Antimanu says:

    How much for KaKa. Would it be funded by the sale of Ronaldo?

  3. Shuggo says:

    soccerfanbase.com: I don't see Kaka joining United, I think he will be at AC Milan for years to com.
    No problem with the link :)

    antimanu: I don't have a clue about the funding but I am sure that Ronaldo will not be leaving this season

  4. Anonymous says:

    75 million in for Ronaldo. 35 million out for Kaka, tell Ronaldo to stick it up his arse and be happy.

  5. Govindarajan says:

    No way Kaka's leaving Milan...Milan have confirmed that they have turned down a 100 million pound offer from chelsea for Kaka...So he's not going anywhere...(although I would love to see Kaka don United colours and rule the premier league).

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