Madrid warned now Ronaldo warned

Real Madrid have been warned over Cristiano Ronaldo, now Cristiano himself has apparently been warned by Sir Alex.

There has been much speculation over Ronaldo for the past few weeks but now Fergie has told Ronaldo that if he asks for a move to Real Madrid and he goes on strike then the Glazer's would let him rot in the reserves or in the stands. I personally can't quite see that happening, you can picture it though- the worlds best player playing in the Manchester United reserves.

Fergie said: "Their attitude is 'To hell with them'. "They'd sit a player in the stand, I'm telling you, absolutely no doubt about it, just to prove a point."

Recently Real Madrid's president Ramon Calderon has said: "We know they [United] aren't a selling club. It is a problem between player and team."

As far as i know there isnt a problem between Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid are stirring things up and what i would absolutly love United to do now is to report Real Madrid. They have done this time and time again and they can't get away with tapping up players.

I don't know all of the facts but what i think has happened or is happening is that they are getting to Ronaldo through his agent, i think his agent knows how much Real Madrid are prepared to offer him and how much United are prepared to offer him. He may also have told Real Madrid details of his contract. This is only my opinion and what some other people are saying aswell, lets hope I am wrong because it is not on.

Ronaldo, why can't you just come out and tell us what your decision is?

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