Robinho in Ronaldo out plus fans turning on Ronaldo

After Ronaldo's announcement that he will decide his future in the next few days there have been more and more speculation about what is going to happen. I think that people are definetly divided on what is going to happen. I think that 50% of people think he will leave and 50% think he will stay.
I have read many forums and articles on Cristiano Ronaldo, many United fans are starting to turn on him. Here are some quotes from the Official Manchester United Community:

metalmon1188 says:
United set for Ronny decisionCristiano Ronaldo will make his plans for the future clear in the next 48 hours. The United superstar spoke out after Portugal beat Georgia 2-0 in a friendly in Viseu on Saturday. Ronaldo, constantly linked with Real Madrid, said: “I will decide my future in two or three days.” United will be anxious that the player, getting set for Euro 2008, failed to repeat the promise he made after the Champions League final win over Chelsea to stay with them. Sir Alex Ferguson has threatened to let him rot on the bench if he demands a move to Spain. He revealed the Glazer family were ready to make Ronaldo a sub until he learned to respect the contract he signed only last year. The Sun
has anyone read this? swriously, if he really loves the club and wants to say, then he wouldnt say something like that, 'i will decide my future in 2/3 days', hello?? come on??? after winnign the UCL he was like this is the club i am staying bla bla bla all those promises, what on earth is going on??
if he thinks he is too good for the club, then go united can do fine without him, we can buy new better and younger players with the transfer money.

jon-E-g says: It seems to me that the only thing that matters to Ron is his ego. He has annoyed everyone at Manchester United with his constant stupid comments and mind games. If it is all a charade to get a bigger payrise, well and good (but all he had to do was ask and he would have got one) but i believe he wants to go to Real, and *** him... let him go if thats his attitude. If he had any sense, he'd stay with United and make them the best team in europe. Better to make History at United than to be another Judas!
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The title of this post is Robinho in Ronaldo out because Robinho has said this:
"There are proposals, yes.
"One is from Manchester United which would be in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo and the other is from Chelsea."
He added: "I have never hidden my desire to remain at Real Madrid.
"But if the negotiations materialise into something I will have no problem in leaving."
This is just going to add to the speculation of Ronaldo leaving personally i just want him to come out and say what he is going to do.

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