Carlos Queiroz Has His Say

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Former Manchester United number two Carlos Queiroz has had his say on the Cristiano Ronaldo situation. He believes that Ronaldo's loyalty shouldn't be questioned.

“Manchester United was the right club for him,” said Queiroz. “But at the end of the day, the player has made a decision and United have had a great relationship with him because they have had the best of his performances for the last six years. Cristiano believes it is time to move and the fee is huge, but he has won all the trophies and become the best player in the world in a United shirt.”

It seems that Ronaldo has believed it has been time to move for the past few years, what I don't understand is why Ronaldo last year signed a new contract with Man United.

Nevermind, he is going, end of. We will have to spend in the transfer market and all I can say is good luck to Ronaldo.

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