Inside The Man United Dressing Room

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Rio Ferdinand has revealed what really goes on in the Man United dressing room. It has been great to hear about what really goes on behind the scenes, I just wish we could hear more of it.

"At United we've got quite a few people who are into winding people up," Ferdinand said. "Wayne Rooney's obviously one of the main culprits, he's involved at all stages of wind-up material."
"Wes Brown or Darren Fletcher are normally the butt of his jokes. Wes now has to check his trainers before he puts them on because they could be sewn in half or the laces are gone."
"Darren Fletcher has this really nice, clean image but in the changing room he is usually involved in stuff like that, usually people's phones going missing."
"[Cristiano] Ronaldo is quite a funny lad, to be honest with you. People think, 'oh he's this and that' but Ronnie's got a good sense of humour."
"If we start talking about his gear too much he gets a bit agitated so we hammer his gear, whether it's good or bad because we know that it gets to him."
"We don't ever really touch anything on Scholesy [Paul Scholes]. He's just too good a player and too nice a man," he said."You just don't go near Scholesy's stuff, simple as that. He's a living legend."
"Ryan Giggs, not surprisingly, also has special status in the United dressing room."If a young kid is getting out of hand, Giggsy's the one with a little dry, sarcastic comment to make the lad go, 'oh, I'm a bit above my station here, I'll sit down and get back into my spot',"
"You don't go anywhere near the boss with proper banter."
"But you might try and put the ball through his legs while he's walking around the changing room - and he'll give you a clip around the ear for doing it."
"But you wouldn't really cut his socks or shoes up because I think you would be on the next bus out of Manchester!"

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  1. Antimanu says:

    Bet that's not the only reason you want to get inside the dressing room ;)

  2. Shuggo says:

    lol, actually thats not the case. Man United are hardly a good looking team and I include Ronaldo with that.

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