Ronaldo To Real Madrid Almost Done

Manchester United have revealed that the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid is almost all but done. Man United have also said that the deal should be completed on the 1st July which is on Wednesday.

Real Madrid's official website has also confirmed that the deal is done and dusted, the final paperwork just has to be signed.

The statement on Real Madrids site said:

"Real Madrid CF and Manchester United have confirmed a definitive agreement for the transfer of the player Cristiano Ronaldo, to take place on July 1."

"The player will be tied to Real Madrid for the next six seasons and will be presented on the 6th of July at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium."

SkySportsNews are saying that the whole £80m will be paid in a one lump payment. This means that hopefully we will be able to go out and spend the money this summer.

I am glad we all know where we stand, we won't have another summer of 'is he? isn't he?'.

Ronaldo has gone and I am happy. He gets to play for the club that he has always wanted to and we get a load of money.

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