Good News And Bad News About Obertan

SOCCER 2008: Bordeaux Beats Toulouse 2-1

Yesterday Man United confirmed the signing of Gabriel Obertan from Bordeaux, that is the good news but there is some bad news aswell. Yesterday Obertan signed for us then he immediately ruled himself out of the pre-season tour with an injury.

So if any of you were travelling out (or live) in the far east and were hoping to see all three of Man United's signings then you will be disappointed. The injury is not too serious, he has a picked up a knock on his ankle.

Man United will pay a maximum of £6million for Obertan after he agreed a four year contract.

Sir Alex Ferguson said: "Gabriel is a player we have tracked for a few years now but because of his educational programme our efforts to get him have been delayed.
"He is an exciting prospect. We like to get young players and develop them."

Obertan said: "This is a big opportunity for me at such a great club. I am very excited and I look forward to proving what I can do."

I have to admit that I don't really know that much about him, I have never seen him play (as far as I know). People that do watch the French league have said that he has bags of potential and he could be a fantastic signing for United.

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