Terry Wants Trophies, Ancelotti Doesn't


Ahead of the Community Shield match between Man United and Chelsea this afternoon, Chelsea captain John Terry says he is fed up with United's success.

"I'm fed up with seeing United win trophies," Terry told the News of the World.

"It's killed me personally as I'm ambitious. I want to push on as a player and win so many more things for Chelsea."

"I want to win the Champions League. I swear to God, I'm desperate to win it. But I'm desperate to get the title back. Going three years without the Prem isn't where we want to be."

"We've got the Community Shield, which will be great to win. OK, it's not the be all and end all, but it would be so nice to beat Manchester United."

This coming from a Manchester United fan (or former Man United fan, I'm not sure which one). Terry is just going to have to get over it, if Chelsea want to win then they are going to have to buck up their ideas.

When Chelsea were being managed by Jose Mourinho they raised the bar, over the past few years Man United have raised the bar again. If Chelsea want to win then they will have to do that, no point moaning about it.

On the other hand, new Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has said that it isn't important that Chelsea win a trophy this Sunday.

When asked if not winning a trophy would mean failure, Ancelotti said: “No, this is not my [measure] – for the season is not all important to win, it is important that Chelsea do the maximum of the team's possibilities.”

“It's a very competitive championship, there are a lot of great teams that can win it,” said the Chelsea boss.

“The [quality] of the team is not any one player but their teamwork. United remain a great team without Ronaldo.

“I think there remains very good players there – Giggs, Scholes, Rooney, Berbatov. They are all great players.”

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