Has Adebayor Damaged Football?


I think we all know what Man City striker Emmanuel Adebayor did to former teammate Robin Van Persie last weekend. If you don't, Adebayor stamped on former team-mate Van Persie.

It now looks like this incident and another incident during the match will mean that Adebayor is handed a six-match ban by the FA.

The other incident happened when Adebayor scored a goal for City, he then ran the length of the pitch to celebrate infront of the Arsenal fans. That caused in itself caused a mini riot.

The only good news to come out of this is that it now looks like he won’t be able to play in the Manchester derby on Sunday, along with Carlos Tevez and Robinho who are both injured.

The Premier League chief executive has come out and said that Adebayor has damaged English football’s image.

Richard Scudamore said yesterday: "It doesn't do any good for the brand that is football in one sense -- of course you would rather it didn't happen"
"(The FA) should look at it in absolutely the cold light of day with the evidence in front of them and deal with it.

"These incidents, whether it's on the field incidents like this that are beamed around the world, whether it's the isolated instances of bad behaviour off the field, don't do the image of the league or football generally any good."

I don’t agree one bit with what Adebayor did, especially the stamp on Van Persie but saying that he has damaged English football’s reputation is going a bit far. I don’t think he has damaged football’s reputation, he has damaged his reputation and I don’t think that anyone outside of Man City will let him forget it.

Adebayor was totally out of order but how would a stamp and a stupid celebration damage Man United, Newcastle, Leeds United, Notts County and England’s reputation?

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