Neville: Youngsters Have To Toughen Up

Man United captain Gary Neville has said that the youngsters currently at Old Trafford must toughen up and show determination that previous players have shown.

Football - Manchester United v Portsmouth Barclays Premier League

"You don't get too much said to you by the senior players, to be honest. You have to do it yourself," Neville told The Daily Mirror.

"You do get help on the pitch, but it's a tough school here and you've got to make your own mark.
"As a young player you've got to take your opportunities when they come along."

"The young players know the expectations. The fans let you know what those are.
"The manager does, too. You are surrounded by it all the time at Old Trafford."

Neville went on to talk about winning titles and this seasons title race.

"This place is an institution, a religion, and it needs dealing with in its own right every week," he added."

"You can't be focusing on other things. You get found out quickly here if you get distracted.
"We're here to win titles every season and the fact we've got 18 is irrelevant. If we had 15, we'd want 16. We have 18 so we want 19."

"Now the internationals are out of the way we can focus on what we have to do here.
"We've got to position ourselves better come January and February – because that's when the real charge starts."

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