Rooney Admits He Was Wrong


After a really disappointing 1-0 loss to Chelsea, Man United striker Wayne Rooney was seen mouthing ‘12 men’ whilst walking off the pitch. There were quite a few decisions’ that didn’t go United’s way, which is why he mouthed it.

Rooney has now said that it was a mistake to mouth that. He was frustrated, Sir Alex Ferguson was frustrated, the rest of the players were frustrated and the fans were frustrated. We should have really got something out of that game but we didn’t because of a dodgy free-kick.

"I probably should not have said it," said Rooney, according to the Press Association.

"I was disappointed at the end of the game and felt we deserved more out of it. Your emotions are high at the end.

"I felt we didn't get the decisions but that is the way it goes.

"It was probably our best performance of the season but it was a disappointing result."

It just shows how passionate Wayne Rooney is about Manchester United and football.

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