Wayne Rooney To Become Premier League's Highest Paid Footballer?

Talks will start between Man United and Wayne Rooney in January. Rumours today are that Man United will offer Rooney £170,000-a-week to keep him at Man United. The deal will include a £45,000-a-week image rights deal to become Old Trafford’s poster boy

There has been speculation stating that Barcelona has put Rooney at the top of their transfer list. Rooney has said that he wants to stay at Man United for aslong as United want him.

The reason why Man United can’t start talks with Rooney now is because his agent Paul Stretford is banned. The ban will be lifted in January.

Rooney deserves a new deal, not sure about the amount of money he will be paid a week but footballers are over paid already. United fans would love to see Rooney stay at Old Trafford for the rest of his career, he works hard for the team and is an all round player. I still believe we haven’t seen the best of Rooney.

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