David Villa Gives Man United The Green Light

Valencia striker David Villa has given the green light to a move to the Premier League. Man United have been linked with a move for the player and it is looking ever more possible.

David Villa

Valencia are rumoured to be £600 million in debt (which is still less than Man United) so they may have to sell some of their prize assets. The 28-year-old has been linked with many top clubs, including Man United and Chelsea, he is now prepared to move and possibly to England.

Villa told The Times: "Quite simply, I rejected the possibility of moving abroad [in the summer] because there were issues that would not allow me to leave my country”
"My wife was pregnant and it didn't seem right to leave.

"I like the Premier League a lot. It's the league I follow the most along with La Liga and I've got a lot of friends playing there. There are a lot of globally important teams there that play very good football."

"Maybe quite a few years ago, Spanish players were reluctant to leave La Liga for another league, but that's all changed now. There are very important players, a showcase of Spanish footballers playing for Premier League clubs, and there are players in other leagues, lesser leagues, as well. I think that the Spanish footballer has changed in this aspect in the last few years."

"I have a duty to Valencia. It's my club - the one that pays my wages and with whom I have a contract.

"This summer, they'll have a look at things, analyse them and in time we'll see what happens.

"All I can do now is stay relaxed, try and score as many goals as possible and have as good a season as possible, as much as with my club as with the national team."

He added: "Adapting to a new language, to the football, it's all part of being a footballer. Having said that, I'm comfortable here, calm, happy. I show that better out on the pitch than in front of a microphone.

"We're still a long way off from the months of June and July, and when they come around we'll analyse the situation then."

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