Man United Takeover On The Horizon?

This morning it is being reported by the News of the World that a group of six businessmen from the Far East are ready to make a £1 billion bid to buy Man United from the Glazer family.

SPORTSTAETTE: Manchester, 24.04.02

The tabloid believe that two out of the six businessmen are already Man United fans and have already visited Old Trafford a few times in three months.

A financial 'source' in the Bangkok reportedly said: "All the finances are in place and they are ready to approach the Glazers.

"They have done their homework down to the minutest detail and realise the Glazers are under pressure to service their mounting debts.

"If ever there was a time for United to be vulnerable to a buyout, it is now."

Another 'source' apparently said: "Make no mistake, this could be the biggest football deal of all time.

"Roman Abramovich's investment in Chelsea will be nothing compared to this. If the Glazers are ready to sell, the money is absolutely on the table."

The group of businessmen are said to be willing to have only a piece of the cake if the Glazers are unwilling to give up control of Man United. If this is true and right now, there is no way of telling then this is massive news, especially if it means that Man United’s debt can be wiped out.

There would be one main thing that I would worry about. We have seen what has happened over at Anfield with the Americans, they fell out and there was turmoil at the club. With six businessmen with a lot of money, what would happen to Man United if they fell out?

On the other hand, these men could come in, wipe out quite a bit of debt and pump a lot of money into Man United that could be fantastic.

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