Man United Vs Wolves Fixed?

I have been made aware of a few rival fans claiming that the match between Man United and Wolves was fixed. This was posted on a lesser-known football forum and I am not going to post the URL because all it will do is give them publicity. I have also had one or two Arsenal fans say to me that the game was fixed, that is just a load of crap, the game between Man United and Wolves was NOT fixed.


Wolves manager Mick McCarthy made 10 changes to the team who beat Tottenham against Man United. It states somewhere in the Premier League rules that teams must field their strongest teams. For starters, that rule is a load of rubbish, clubs should be able to field whatever team they want in Premier League games.

What gives organisations the right to say that this player is better than that player so he should start? Man United and Sir Alex Ferguson don’t always field the strongest team and nor do other clubs.

Obviously McCarthy didn’t believe that his side was able to get anything out of the game against Man United so he didn’t risk some of his players. Wolves have an important game against Burnley this weekend, why risk players getting injured if you don’t believe you will get anything out of the game?

It isn’t as if the players he fielded were unknowns anyway, most of them are International players and had been playing for Wolves this season. This game would have also given the players vital experience.

Recently in the Champions League, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger fielded a weakened team. The game didn’t mean anything, the Arsenal youngsters got vital experience and nobody moaned. McCarthy believed he wouldn’t get anything out of the game so he fielded a different team, so what?

If the Wolves team that McCarthy fielded did come to Old Trafford and take something off United, the people moaning now wouldn’t be moaning. There wouldn’t be ‘fans’ saying that the game was fixed, they would be congratulating Mick McCarthy. Wolves lost 3-0 to United so people start complaining.

If you are going to say that a match has been fixed, you need proof. Where is the proof? When you ask the ‘fans’ that you normally get answers such as Sir Alex Ferguson paying off the referee- whatever!

Man United are a fantastic team, world class and we are going to beat teams most of the time. Rival fans may be sick of United winning trophies but that isn’t our fault. If you are going to claim that matches are fixed, make sure you have proof otherwise you just sound like a jealous idiot.

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