Glazers Ask Players For Money?

Sports News - January 16, 2010
Another day and yet again more stories on Man United’s financial difficulty. Today it is being reported by The Sun that the Glazers have asked the Man United players to invest some money back into the club.

When the players returned from the training camp in Qatar they were handed the prospectus. The bonds, which are being sold, are going at £50,000 each and the players have been asked to buy some.

"The players don't know what to make of it, really," a ‘source’ is quoted as saying.

"Most are bemused that the people who pay their wages are basically trying to find out if they can have some back.

"A few of the lads know a good investment when they see one, but not too many seem prepared to put their money where their mouths are!"

In another story in a different tabloid, it is being reported that the Glazer family could take out more than £600 million from Man United’s revenues over the next seven years.

There is an article published by the Telegraph that will explain it a lot better than I could. Click here to read it.

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