Man United Handed Lifeline?

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It is believed that some wealthy Man United fans are preparing a bid to takeover the club. Football finance expert Keith Harris has revealed that he has been approached by wealthy Man United fans who want to take the club over.

"You sense that the momentum is gathering and this time these fans truly mean it," Harris told BBC Sport.
"I think they are saying that enough is enough, there is too much gearing on this football club and it is unhealthy."

Harris also spoke on the BBC Sports show Football Focus, which was aired BBC1 today.

"We have been approached and if we can lend our weight for doing something for the good of Manchester United and football we will," Harris said.

In this case of Manchester United, of whom I am a huge fan and have been for 50 years, they are playing with an icon of football, one of the most respected football brands in the world and it is in danger.
"Seventy-five pence of every pound that [Manchester United] fans are spending is now going to the Glazers either for themselves or to pay debts."
"If these rumblings become a revolution and fans stop going - as difficult as it is for them not to go - and the pounds stop coming in, there is real peril."

"It depends on the Glazers' attitude," Harris continued.
"Clearly they appeared impervious to the protests when they took the club over and that was fine.
"They don't go [to watch United] very often, they stay in America but you've got to think their businesses in America haven't done well, they can't have done, because the world in general has not done well in business.
"They are probably highly geared in their business activities in America so, if this is an opportunity for them to take the money and go, I would hope they would listen carefully to that offer, providing the money can be raised and I am confident it can be."

Man United fans have been campaingning for the Glazers to leave Old Trafford ever since they bought the club in 2005 but over recent weeks it has picked up pace.

Man United have released a statement, which read:

"Manchester United is the most profitable football club in the world”
"Last year, on a record turnover of £278m, the club made a record cash profit of £91m. Interest payments were £41m and wages accounted for less than half of the turnover.
"The recent bond issue has been very successful and provides the club with certainty in its interest payments, as well as great flexibility with the removal of bank covenants.
"The cash from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo is available for Sir Alex to spend and it will be spent on players who are available for purchase and who the manager thinks can improve the squad, not to prove to pundits that it exists."

If this is true then it will be music to the Man United fans ears. The Glazers can say that the club isn’t up for sale all they want but everyone can be bought. They aren’t really Manchester United fans and I believe the club should be in hands of people who actually care about what happens to it.

I guess we will see what happens over the next few weeks and months.

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