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Sports News - January 24, 2010
If you are already a member of MUST (Manchester United Supporters Trust) then you would have already got this message. If you aren’t, why aren’t you? To join all you have to do is go to this link and join up, easy as that- http://www.joinmust.org/refer

What You Can Do-

The MUST strategy is based on three strands which might be summarised as
Supporters, Political, Financial.

We'll go into more detail in due course but suffice to say growing the
network of Manchester United supporters is the most important single thing
any of us can do right now. Building a huge
international network of Manchester United supporters is crucial not just
in order to whield a big enough stick to persuade the Glazers to go but
also to form a significant group to participate in any future ownership

The financial component is really encouraging. We have been approached by a
number of super rich/influential United supporters interested in exploring
the options for a change of ownership. The individuals are high profile and
totally credible. If/when they choose to go public is a matter for them but
we will be appealing for all those potentially interested in participating
in future ownership of Manchester United to join us or make contact now.

If we're going to win this battle and prevent them from doing any more
damage to our club it is going to require the whole of the Manchester
United family to come together from your ordinary supporter to the wealthy
"Red Knights". We understand the mood has already changed within Old
Trafford as everyone realises they have to go sooner rather than later.

* Ask every United supporter you know to join MUST as a free e-member and
chase them up to make sure they do:

MUST has grown rapidly in the last week - now more than 41,000 members. We
can double that if we all make the effort.

* Sign the Number 10 petition. We understand this was created by a MUST
(e)member. Well done to Andrew Henderson for getting off his backside to
take action:
Wording starts: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to believe
the Government should urgently take action on behalf of all football
supporters to prevent Manchester United Football Club (and other English
football clubs) being destroyed by corporate greed ...."
Sign here:

* GREEN & GOLD - wear your colours with pride

The GREEN & GOLD campaign is about showing your opposition to the Glazer
regime in a very visible way by wearing the old GREEN & GOLD colours of the
original Newton Heath - the origin of Manchester United. It is important
not to get in people's faces with this - we want to persuade supporters to
join rather than get into arguments that turn them against the campaign.

MUST has been ordering GREEN & GOLD scarves as fast as as suppliers can
produce them and selling them at cost price (£2.50) to help get the GREEN &
GOLD "ideavirus" to critical mass. It looks like we're already there
judging by the colours on show at OT on Wednesday night. However we're
continuing with another 2000 in time for Portsmouth(H) on Feb 6th on sale
from outside MUST office on matchday. They'll also be available online
shortly. Street sellers have been posing as MUST sellers so don't give a
donation if they demand one or ask for more than £2.50. Safest to buy from
the MUST stalls or Premier Inn (formerly Golden Tulip).

T-Shirts United have also produced a special fundraising t-shirt - use this
link to give MUST a special commission:

MUST will get a 10% commission on all other products too so please bookmark
this link for future use:

* Donate - time and/or money
We've got a number of initiatives that are going to require significant
funding - web development, mailshots, PR stunts, GREEN & GOLD promotion.
These will be detailed in due course. If you'd like to help by donating to
MUST please do so via your account here:

If you'd like to donate your time to the cause and especially if you have
some specific skills you think will help please get in touch with the MUST
office via the helpdesk.

We also have more details about the Green and Gold Fundraiser on Sunday.


For those who can get into central Manchester on Sunday we'll be holding a

TV cameras and other media will be invited to attend. Get onto your mates
now to get a group to come down for REDS ONLY unbeatable atmosphere.

Venue: UPSTAIRS at Walkabout - 13 Quay St, MANCHESTER M3 3HN - after
entering main bar turn left and go through doors to stairs.
Time: Upstairs bar opens 2.30pm
Tickets: £3 pay on door - and get a FREE GREEN & GOLD scarf. If you've
already one the idea is to give it to someone who hasn't got one - spread
the GREEN & GOLD anti-Glazer virus
Drinks: 25% off all drinks and food

Thank you to everyone for your help. There is also a facebook group, which you can join by clicking here.

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