Man United Fans Are All Going To Hell

Source of video via WhoAteAllThePies

What can I say about this video? How can you take it seriously? He is an idiot, he can protest all he wants but he is definitely in the minority. He can protest at Old Trafford all he wants but he is just going to make himself look stupid. Man United is a football club, it has nothing to do with religious views.

Man United fans have better things to be protesting about, like the Glazers.

I am proud to have the Red Devil on the United shirt, if that means that I will go to hell then so be it.

Seriously mate, get over it!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The blokes a nut case, he should be sent down before he harms somebody.

  2. Anonymous says:

    his sure damn stupid...his mouth is talking but his brain ain't working

  3. He is very stupid, he's going to get a shock if she shouts his mouth off at Old Trafford.

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