Posh Director Not Happy With Sir Alex Ferguson

Football - Everton v Manchester United FA Cup Semi Final
Peterborough’s Director of Football Barry Fry isn’t too happy with Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Fry claims that Peterborough wanted to sign Danny Welbeck on loan first, this comes after it was announced that Welbeck had joined Preston on loan.

Fry believes that Sir Alex didn’t allow Welbeck to join the Posh because they sacked Fergie’s son Darren Ferguson earlier on in the season. So instead, Welbeck has joined Darren’s new club Preston North End until the rest of the season yesterday.

"We asked United if they would let Welbeck join us on loan but were told there was no way they would allow him to play in the Championship," Fry said in The Sun.
"Yet United have let him join Preston. Obviously Alex wants to give us a good hiding for his son leaving."

I honestly don’t know what Fry expected, if it was the other way round he probably would have done the same thing. Darren is Fergie’s son; of course he is going to back him, what father wouldn’t?

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