Cristiano Ronaldo Who?

Football - Arsenal v Manchester United Barclays Premier League
Man United winger Luis Nani joined Man United in the summer of 2007. When he came, he was labelled as the next Cristiano Ronaldo. I think it is fair to say that he has looked nothing like a replacement to Ronaldo, until recently.

After returning from an injury, Nani has looked like a new player. Nani has played the last three games and he has shone, yesterday probably being the best.

“I played well,” Nani said. “I scored one goal, provided an assist and had a few other chances to score. It was a fantastic performance and I’m happy to help my team win this game.”

"Of course it's my goal," he added. "I put the ball into the goal so it should be my goal. I did everything to make it happen. I was very confident and the dribble worked very well. I'm really happy to contribute to today's win."

Nani also said: “I’m working hard every day to be fit and ready to play. I’m very happy because I feel the confidence from my team-mates, the manager and the fans. I hope I can continue to show good form. I'm feeling better with every game I play."

I’m not sure whether or not he will be credited with the goal but he did deserve it. I would probably bet on it being put down as a Manuel Almunia own goal rather than a Nani goal.

Nani’s improvement hasn’t been missed by Sir Alex Ferguson, how could he notice the difference?

Football - Arsenal v Manchester United Barclays Premier League

“Nani's last three games have been absolutely first class and today was his best,” Fergie said. "He was absolutely outstanding.

“It’s difficult to say why we’re seeing his best form now, but maybe maturity is one reason. He’s a very shy boy and maybe his personality is getting stronger and better for dealing with playing for us every week. Today was an example of that maturity.

"Hopefully games like that will give him the confidence to know he’s a United player. When you talk to the other players, they all want him to play, they all think he’s fantastic."

What we don’t want to do now is get over excited. Nani has played well for three consecutive matches, he needs to stay in the team and keep his confidence high but we don’t want to put too much pressure on him.

It wasn’t that long ago that some Man United fans were calling for the player to be sold. Right now, Man United aren’t missing Ronaldo and if Nani can carry on this way, we won’t.

Hopefully he can keep this up and keep consistant.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Let's hope he does keep this form up!

  2. godwin umogbai says:

    he sure does dribbles like ronaldo...look @ nasri falling all over the pitch..not to talk of clichy who nani and ashley young have made look ordinary

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