Man United NOT For Sale

Aston Villa v Manchester United
Tonight it is believed that a group of Manchester United supporters known as the ‘Red Knights’ have met in London to discuss a possible take over of the club.

The Red Knights have said that they would like the supporters to play a key role in the campaign; they have confidence in manager Sir Alex Ferguson and chief executive David Gill, and they are looking to change the owners of Manchester United.

Man United’s owners the Glazer’s have been under attack from Man United fans, with the green and gold campaign growing everyday. MUST (Manchester United Supporters Trust) has been heading the campaign, they currently have (at the time of writing this) 53,555 members. If you aren’t a member you can sign up for free by clicking here.

Many Man United fans have never liked the owners but after it was revealed that the club was in £716.5m debt, the protests have started up again. This time they aren’t going to die down.

Those thought to be present in today’s meeting Goldman Sachs economist and former board member of Man United Jim O'Neill, who is also a Man United season ticket holder, football financier Keith Harris, Phillip Marshall and Lawyer Mark Rawlinson.

A spokesperson for the Glazers has said: “Our position is that Manchester United is not for sale.”

Man United fans have a long battle ahead with the Glazers but it is possible. They may say that the club isn’t up for sale but everything is at a price. We just have to find a way of raising the money and getting them out of United.

We just have to keep on at it and they will sell up. Everyone has their price no matter what they say.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    please get these yanks out of united they will and already have plundered our team .

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