Man United Drop One Place In Rich List

Man United have dropped once place in football’s rich list, after being overtaken by Barcelona. Real Madrid have topped the list for the sixth year running with Barcelona climbing to second, United have been named in third.

Deloitte have released their annual Football League Money report showing that Real recorded figures of £363m. One of the reason’s of Barcelona climbing above United is due to the Euro being much stronger than the pound in these finanicil times. Also, Barcelona are European Champions so they will have sold quite a few more shirts from ‘new’ fans Real Madrid will also have ben

Dan Jones, Partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte said: “Whilst Real Madrid’s 4% revenue growth in 2007/08 is more modest than recent years, the club has now doubled its revenues since 2002 and enjoys a lead of €41m over Manchester United. With the club having announced that it is budgeting for revenues of €400m in 2008/09, it will be difficult for rivals to replace Real at the top of the Money League next year.”

“Manchester United’s on-pitch success in winning the Premier League and UEFA Champions League contributed to significantly increased revenue for 2007/08, although the depreciation of the Pound against the Euro means they remain in second position. All bar two of our Money League clubs generated increased revenue in 2007/08 and each club in the top 20 generated more than €100m in revenue in that season.”

The impact of the exchange rate, and the depreciation of the Pound against the Euro has adversely impacted on the number and ranking of English clubs in the top 20. 

Jones added: “If the exchange rate value of the Pound had not depreciated, there would have been nine, rather than seven English clubs in the top 20 and Manchester United would have topped the Money League ahead of Real Madrid.”

Here are the 20 richest football clubs: 

1 Real Madrid, Spain
2 Barcelona, Spain
3 Manchester United, England
4 Bayern Munich, Germany
5 Arsenal, England
6 Chelsea, England
7 Liverpool, England
8 Juventus, Italy
9t Inter Milan, Italy
9t AC Milan, Italy
11 Hamburg, Germany
12 AS Roma, Italy
13 Lyon, France
14 Marseille, France
15 Tottenham, England
16 Schalke, Germany
17 Werder Bremen, Germany
18 Borussia Dortmund, Germany
19 Manchester City, England
20 Newcastle United, England

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