MUST And The Red Knights Are Working Together

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The campaign to get the Glazers out of Old Trafford has stepped up another gear with the news that MUST (Manchester United Supporters Trust) and the Red Knights (a group of wealthy Man United fans) have joined forces.

It has been confirmed that the Red Knights did meet yesterday, along with some representatives from MUST. It has also been confirmed that the Red Knights are putting a bid together to buy the club from the Glazers.

Here are two statements, which have just been released.

The chief executive of MUST, Duncan Drasdo has released this statement:

“I can confirm that we were present at the ’secret’ meeting of the Red Knight Group yesterday and have been involved in discussions for some time. This development is hugely welcome as there is a genuine desire to see a change of ownership at Manchester United”.

“Initially the Red Knight Group has effectively set a challenge to Manchester United supporters to demonstrate they wish to see an alternative ownership proposal developed. In the first instance supporters are being asked to do this simply by joining the free online membership of the Supporters Trust (MUST) and swelling its ranks to an initial target of at least 100,000.”

“It is also essential for a majority of two key groups, the Old Trafford Season Ticket holders and those with Executive facilities, to show their appetite for participation by joining the MUST online campaign.”

A statement from Finsbury Group, who are representing the Red Knights Group reads:

Following the intense media speculation overnight, we can confirm that a group of high net worth individuals, who support Manchester United (known as the “Red Knights”), met in London yesterday. This group is supportive of current management but are looking at the feasibility of putting together a proposal to be put to the Glazer Family regarding the ownership of Manchester United. These discussions are in early stages and no contact has been made with the Glazer Family.

For such a proposal to be viable, it would require the involvement and support of Manchester United supporters worldwide. The Red Knights have been liaising with the Manchester United Supporters Trust (“MUST”) and their representatives attended yesterday’s meeting. As a first step, the Red Knights want supporters to demonstrate their commitment by joining the free online membership of the Supporters Trust.
Any new ownership model would aim not only to put the Club on a sound financial footing, but would also aim to put the supporters at the heart of everything the Club does.

In the coming weeks the Red Knights will continue to work with MUST and others to formulate our proposal and further statements will be issued in due course.

This is massive news, the Red Knights and MUST need the supporters help and backing from around the globe. MUST already have 54,044 Man United fans signed up for free or full members. If you haven’t signed up, you can for free (or if you choose as a full paid member) here.

The Glazers may have said last night that the club isn’t for sale but it will be at a price. Everyone has their price and the Glazers will have.

Meanwhile, Man United defender Patrice Evra has confirmed that the players are aware of what is going on and they aren't against the fans trying to get rid of the owners. It sounds like he is backing the fans but without saying it, obviously he wouldn't want to publically back the people who employ him.

"They are the original colours of [Man United] and the fans wear them because they love this club," Evra  has said. "They [the fans] have their reasons for doing it and we don't think that they're crazy.
"They'd like things to change."

More to follow….

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